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You taught me more in 10 minutes about public speaking than I’d learned in 10 years. I’m working diligently to apply the skills and I’ve noticed an improvement in my public speaking since then. I greatly appreciate it. Huge thanks!


Jason started the program by saying he was going to teach all 157 of us how to give an amazing presentation. That’s some chutzpah. But he followed through. Wow! Just before leaving for his class, I finished a PPT that I’ll be delivering to Yale at their kickoff next week. Now I want to tear half of it up. This class ought to be required for everyone. Best . . . class . . . ever!


I have been to several seminars on public speaking and giving presentations, including Dale Carnegie training. I truly went into this thinking that I couldn’t possibly learn anything new, but I found myself scribbling notes like a mad woman during the presentation. I quickly realized that these were tips and techniques that I had never heard before, and that I could use immediately upon my return to the office.


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